About Me...


As well as being a fully certified Practitioner, I am also a HypnoBirthing™ mum.

I was fearful of birth and luckily I found HypnoBirthing™. This program enabled me not to fear - to actually look forward to my labour and beyond with excitement - and it guided me to the calm, confident, comfortable birth I desired.

Hypnobirthing™ is a full program that enriches your pregnancy with such positivity and guidance that I knew that I wished to share this simple and effective method with others.

I believe that all you need for an empowering birth is within you. HypnoBirthing™ gives you the tools to identify and use your intuitive skills and trust the innate wisdom of your body to birth your baby.

The tools that you learn in this program are applicable to many other aspects of your life. 

HypnoBirthing™ changed my life for the better and I hope it will do the same for you....

HypnoBirthing™ is a full antenatal course - it strengthens the mind and therefore the body and empowers you to believe in yourself and your birthing body.

I would like you to achieve the birth you want and much more.