Testimonials ...



"I'm so pleased I chose this path and put the practise in. You and your partner will need the help of an amazing professional like Kathryn to guide you. It's incredibly empowering for you and your partner and is the perfect  way to start your journey as parents. Betty arrived wide eyed and super calm. I'm so excited that one day I will be able to share with my daughter a positive birth story."

Sophie,Brent and baby Betty 

"When I think about my labour and birthing story, I get a little emotional as it was such an incredible experience and that is down to Kathryn and how she taught us about HypnoBirthing and supported us through it. Kathryn is an amazing teacher, as well as being so kind and supportive. She was always on the end of an email or phone whenever I needed any advice and she really cared that I had a great experience. Baby George was born with no tears, no cuts, no interventions. Kathryn's support and teaching gave me the confidence and belief that I could birth in a more natural way. I am so proud of myself and happy about my birthing experience, it was really incredible and I feel that was down to the HypnoBirthing course and the way Kathryn taught it. Thank you so much ! "

Laura, Jonathan and baby George

"Thank you so much for the incredible impact you had on the birth of our beautiful daughter. The classes were invaluable. The surges were frequent and strong, after arriving at the hospital our beautiful baby was born after just 2 hours of labour. No drugs, examinations or interventions, just relaxation, visualisation and breathing as we had practised. Without the classes from Kathryn our birth could have easily taken a different path. Kathryn is a genuinely passionate teacher, a truly kind , patient and knowledgeable person who will help you on your own path to a relaxed and calm birth. Thank you x'"

Deanna, Mark and baby Eliza Rae.